Arriving Home Safely

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Before leaving work - shower if possible and change out of work clothes

Driving home - If in your car, wipe the steering wheel, controls and door handles with        cleaning solution / wipes if you have any available

At your front door - pause and take a breath. Reset to being at home

Knock on the door - get someone to open from the inside if that’s possible

Shout hello to loved ones - no cuddles yet

Plastic box at the door - take off your outer clothes and shoes then wipe down your keys, bags and glasses if you wear them with wipes

Phone - keep in a ziplock bag at work, open and empty the phone to clean it – you may need to check what wipes you can use - throwing away the used ziplock bag,

Keep your work bag in the box by the front door If you need to remove items from your bag make sure you wipe them down

Wash hands immediately or shower if you can with hot soapy water

You are clean relax and enjoy your evening.


What chemicals/ wipes can I use? 

Studies have shown that disinfectants and bleaches containing ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite are most effective as they virtually destroy all of the 'virus' pathogenic particles. A bleach with a concerntation of around 0.5 percent will be enough to help rid your home of coronavirus germs. 

And if you are looking for an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, you want one that contains somewhere between 62 percent and 80 percent alcohol - anything less is not as effective. 



For further information, please contact NSS Occupational Health at and ask to speak with one of the Senior Care and Support Team members