Welcome to HR Connect

The National on-line HR portal providing information, guidance, useful tools, templates and frequently asked questions.  The portal is designed around the needs of staff and allows Managers and Employees to self-serve HR information.  The portal houses HR information for 8 National Boards - National Services Scotland, Public Health Scotland, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, NHS 24, NHS Education for Scotland, NHS Golden Jubilee, Scottish Ambulance Service and The State Hospital.

HR Connect is available to all employees across all 8 Boards 24/7 and can be accessed outside work via personal computers, tablets and mobile phones, so you don't have to be connected to the NHS network.  The Portal should be your first port of call for all HR information, but if you require further support and guidance please use the Contact Us form to raise an enquiry with your local Board or select your Board from the panel on the right hand side to find your Board contact information.  To help you find your way around the site a short video has been developed - Introduction to HR Connect. 

HR Connect has been developed for you, so we all really welcome your feedback.  Please use the Contact Us form to let your Board know what you like and don't like.  This will help us to keep continuously improving the site. 


Development of the HR Portal is a National Boards Collaborative project. The National Boards Collaborative is working to identify opportunities for collaboration and to develop collaborative ways of working across the eight National Boards. In December 2016, the Scottish Government published its Health and Social Care Delivery Plan which focuses on three areas, known as the 'triple aim' of better care, better health and better value.  Rather than all Boards contributing individually to the delivery of the Health and Social Care plan, Boards were asked to work together and then National Boards Collaborative was formed.

Through collaborative working,  National Boards are exploring areas of co-working to answer the challenge of thinking ‘differently and better’, an element of which is reviewing the common supporting business functions. This means that savings and efficiencies are being identified, there is a reduction in duplication of work and staff have a wider range of opportunities for training and career development, encouraging people to remain employed within the NHS.

In line with this remit and the development of an aspirational HR Target Operating Model (TOM) the implementation of a single HR Portal, across the eight National Boards, will help provide many of the benefits being sought through greater collaboration.