NHS Education for Scotland


Welcome to the Human Resources page for NHS Education for Scotland (NES).  Aligned to the NES People and OD Strategy, our aim is to maximise NES' effectiveness through the provision of HR expertise throughout the employment cycle (attraction, recruitment, selection, performance, development, succession and transition).

The Human Resources team in NES provide the following HR services across the organisation:

  • HR Business Support –we provide HR expertise to our customers across the organisation in relation to terms and conditions, application of policies, organisational change, job evaluation, job design, employee relations processes and supporting employee wellbeing.
  • HR Recruitment –we provide expert knowledge to recruiting managers and candidates to support the attraction and recruitment into NES and includes support to the onboarding of new staff.
  • HR Trainee Services – we undertake pre employment, onboarding and rotation management activities for our doctor in training workforce. We provide a highly specialist and expert national PVG checking and Immigration service to other NHS Boards to support the employment of doctors and dentists in training across Scotland.
  • HR Vocational Training Recruitment – we support Directorates in delivery of selection and assessment centres for Vocational Training by providing HR specialist expertise to the coordination and running of these events.

We work hard to ensure that customers of HR have access to a range of resources that support performance and robust staff governance. We use our knowledge, expertise and data to continually develop and provide guidance that is easily accessible, HR Connect should be your first port of call for accessing HR information.

Further information and advice may sometimes be required, and will be provided by the team in a responsive manner and appropriate to the nature of the issue.