Quick System Links

Detailed below are quick links to the login pages for HR Systems within NSS;

To access systems marked with an asterisk* you will need to be connected to the NSS network onsite or via vpn.  Contact Tracers who do not have access to vpn can use windows virtual desktop to access these systems.

Clicking on the image below will take you through a presentation that will show you system information and show you how the links between the systems are set up.


HR Connect Support and Guidance pages

Below are links for more support on how to use these systems and what these systems are used for.  Please make sure you have checked the process on HR Connect for any recent changes. 

  • Jobtrain - This page will take you through the National Recruitment System and features the Add a Job function which replaces the eRAF system from 1st April 2022. It also includes a guide for hiring managers

  • SSTS, ePayroll and eExpenses
    Your Board Payroll contact details are here.  You will also find national guidance on how to get access to and use the various Payroll supported systems

  • Turas Appraisal
    Within Turas itself there are various support mechanisms, from simple paragraphs to video guides.  You will also find guidance on how to update the system and report from the system.  This guidance is for line managers, reviewers and appraisees.
  • Turas Learn
    You will find guidance on how to use Turas Learn, support your staff and reporting of the statistics on this page
  • Crown Flexi Time
    Your Board flexi time details are here.  You will also find guidance on how to get access to, get support with and use the DaS supported system.