Text Only / Low Graphics Version

You can change the text and background colour by selecting the text only option which is available at the top of all our pages. You can then choose the following options -

  • Yellow text on black background;
  • Black text on a white background;
  • White text on a blue background; or
  • Black text on a cream background.

Resizing text

We have set up an option on our site where you can choose the text size you require. This can be done by clicking on one of the 'A' letters towards the top of this page (next to the menu option 'how to use this site'.

Alternatively you can choose to change the size of your text within your web browser. This will then apply to every website you visit, not just our site.

If your mouse has a scroll wheel you can, in most browsers, increase and decrease the size of text by holding down the CTRL key and using the scroll wheel on your mouse.