NHS Louisa Jordan

NHS Louisa Jordan is a new, temporary, NHS Scotland hospital facility established at the Scottish Events Centre (SEC) in Glasgow.

The hospital will operate as a contingency to help support Scotland with the additional demand of COVID-19.  The facility will be equipped to provide care for up to 1,000 patients, initially providing the NHS with 300 additional beds.

The hospital is named after Louisa Jordan, a nurse from Maryhill in Glasgow, who served during the Serbian campaign in the first World War from July 1914 to December 1915.


Welcome to our staff

It is essential that all staff joining the Louisa Jordan facility read and take note of the important points in this Welcome Pack. It contains information from NHS Scotland values, governance and key points of contact all the way through to important staff parking and accommodation information.  You can also read more about Louisa.

Here is the Staff Access Diagram showing both Staff Access to the hospital and the internal layout. 


Induction and Orientation

There is specific learning that you will need to undertake prior to coming to the site.  A specific section within Turas Learn has been created for you and you can find this here.


Further guidance and support can be found by clicking the links below NHS Louisa Jordan in the panel on the right of this page, or below: