Developing leadership and management capabilities and capacity across NHS Scotland is a key priority in the 2020 Workforce Vision. It is an integral part of improving quality to enhance patient safety and people's experience of services.

    Detailed below you will find information about Leadership opportunities within your specific Board. 

    National Services Scotland


    Chief Executive Officer Introduction to Leadership 

    "I am pleased to welcome you to the revised NSS Leadership Development Programme. By investing in you, our leaders, we are investing in our vision to be integral to a world-leading health service. A strong leadership capacity and capability has never been more important for us given the increasing demand on Health and Social Care services and the need for NSS to be at the forefront of responding to this challenge. Exemplary leadership skills will form an essential part of NSS’s ambitions for the future and we are committed to valuing our Leaders by further strengthening our own capacity for collaborative, values-based and resilient leadership. I look forward to meeting you at the some of the Leadership Events in the coming year."  Colin Sinclair, CEO

    The aim of the NSS Leadership Programme is to offer a common and consistent approach to leadership development for Leaders at all levels in the organisation. It is aligned to the values of NSS and PHS and underpinned by the 6 core leadership capabilities for Health & Social Care:

    • Collaborating & Influencing
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • Empowering
    • Motivating & Inspiring
    • Self Leadership
    • Vision

    The programme consists of 4 Key Pillars which describe how we can address and respond to leadership development needs at both an individual and team level. Please click on the links below for more details, including how to access the workshop dates.

    Pillar 1 - Generic

    Pillar 2 - Leadership Masterclasses

    Pillar 3 - Bespoke

    Pillar 4 - NES (External)


    Before getting started we would strongly recommend that you read the Leadership Programme Guidance and Development Pathways documents under Tools and Templates.

    Click here for a progress report on Project Lift!

    Please see below a list of opportunities and resources for Leadership Development 

    NHS 24


    NHS 24 has an ambitious Strategic Delivery Programme aligned with National Healthcare Strategies – our key leaders and people managers within the organisation are integral to the effective implementation of the NHS 24 Strategic Delivery Programme during the coming years. We know that this key strategy, along with National Healthcare Strategies, has the potential to greatly change and improve our organisation and the way we deliver services to our patients. We want to ensure, through leader and manager involvement and engagement, that a collective commitment is made to embracing this vision in NHS 24. We know that leadership roles can be very rewarding, but sometimes challenging and we want to provide tools which help with leading and managing people effectively and ensuring that our leaders are supported and empowered to flourish in their careers. To help achieve this, a series of development and engagement events have been planned with a range of presenters as part of the Investing In Our Leadership programme. In addition, these events will provide opportunities to network with colleagues to support collaborative working and begin building communities of practice.

    Further information on our Investing In Our Leadership programme can be found here on Turas Learn. For details of any other sessions, please contact the L&PE Team using the contact us form.

    NHS Education for Scotland


    The Leadership and Management Zone has resources to help you be the best you can be, as a leader or manager in health and care.  It is accessed through Turas Learn.  

    You can explore these using the three pathways:

    You can also find resources by dipping into the Leadership capabilities:

    If you want information on any of our Leadership and Management Programmes, the Leadership and Management Zone is the place to find it.

    Some areas of the Zone and still under construction.  These will be updated and have further content added as new resources are developed.

    NHS Golden Jubilee

    Within NHS Golden Jubilee we believe that our success relies on us all demonstrating leadership qualities and behaviours.  We encourage everyone to reflect on their leadership skills and you can start by visiting the Project Lift website and completing a Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

    • We also have access to a range of targeted leadership training, including:
    • self-awareness workshops, for example DiSC;
    • national leadership development programmes - Leading for the Future;
    • regional leadership programmes - Leadership3; and
    • 360° feedback.

    For further information contact the L&OD team: l&odinfo@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk; 0141 951 5123.



    Public Health Scotland

    Public Health Scotland content is being designed for this page, in the interim please refer to the National Service Scotland tab for support.  Alternatively, you can contact the L&D team by completing the Contact Us form.

    Scottish Ambulance Service


    Leadership and Management Development 

    In this section you will find the resources and activities for Leadership and Management Development  in line with the NHSScotland Leadership and Management Framework.

    You will also find descriptions of the six agreed Leadership capabilities for Health and Social care in Scotland and the Leadership profile for Project Lift.

    Frontline Leadership & Management Pathways

    Leading for the Future

    Management Matters

    Leadership Links

    NHSScotland Management Training Scheme

    Leadership and Management zone

    The Six Health and Social care Leadership Capabilities

    Project Lift Leadership Profile