Learning and Education

    Learning and Education offers staff development opportunities that range from formal qualifications to class led workshops and elearning courses. It is important that educational solutions are appropriate to the outcomes the service needs and that they provide best value to individuals and to the organisation.

    Detailed in the tabs below you will find Learning & Education information in place within your Board. 

    National Services Scotland




    Our latest range of newly designed virtual training events are now available to view on My Board Events. We’ve received great feedback from our previous events, which has enabled us to adapt, and tailor our suite of training course materials and methods to suit your continued training needs.

    Also, over the past few months, we’ve seen how Office 365 has connected our NSS network and allowed us to work collaboratively. Embracing this new way of working, the Learning & Development (L&D) team is excited to announce the introduction of our new digital booking process. Watch this video to learn more!


      Professional skills

    Empower yourself with the skills and tools to develop your career!


    Turas Learn

    Business Balls

    Good Practice Tool Kits

    Health Management library

    The Knowledge Network


     Try something new

    Looking to upskill or learn something new, here's a great collection of free videos, courses and worksheets to aid your development.

    The Open University

    BBC Languages

    BBC Skillwise

    Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework 

    My World of Work

    Mission to Learn


     Wellbeing and creativity

    Never has it been more important to look after yourself and your mental health. Take some time out to relax, reflect and enjoy some virtual creativity!

    Clean Sweep

    Stress Control

    Glasgow Women's Library 

    Mind Tools

    Get Creative

    Edinburgh Zoo Live Webcams

    Health in Mind

    The List - online concerts


    The L&D team can be contacted through the Contact Us form at any time should you have any questions, or are looking for support with your learning needs.

    NHS 24


    The Learning and Professional Education Team is part of the Workforce directorate and is based in Cardonald. The team is part of the Workforce Directorate, and supports the organisation in all aspects of learning and development. This includes:

    • personal development
    • team development
    • leadership and management
    • coaching and mentoring
    • support for qualifications
    • development of digital learning resources
    • knowledge management/ library services.  

    The team can be contacted by using the contact us form.

    NHS Education for Scotland


    Learning & development is focused on providing support for the development of skills and knowledge for individuals across the organisation.

    Our priorities are:

    • Nurturing our culture so that it reflects our organisational values, engaging and empowering our people.
    • Developing our capability to deliver high quality outputs and continuously improve our products and services.
    • Enhancing our capacity to deliver an evolving range of products and services as efficiently as possible.

    NHS Golden Jubilee

    In response to COVID-19 some face-to-face training courses are currently suspended. We are slowing bringing back some face-to-face training where it is safe to do so.

    For further information on the measures we have introduced for safe face-to-face training delivery, please see the document titled 'Classroom training guidelines during Covid-19' under the employee tab below. Please check eDigest for courses being advertised.

    You can continue to access e-Learning modules via learnPro and TURAS Learn.

    The Learning and Organisational Development (L&OD) team supports a wide range of learning and organisational development activity, including:

    • team development
    • e-Learning
    • coaching
    • leadership and management, and
    • corporate training programmes.

    Our activities are driven by the strategic direction of the organisation and the priority learning needs of individuals and teams.


      Training Opportunities

    Our L&OD brochure details the activities planned throughout the year.  The most up to date classroom workshops can be accessed (when on site) via eESS Learning.  A copy of this can be found below.


      External Study Leave

    If you are planning on attending training out-with NHS Golden Jubilee, you are required to complete an External Study Leave Form.  A copy of this can be found below.

    Please not: External Study Leave is currently restricted to virtual delivery only due to COVID-19 and to restrict unnecessary travel.



    Our main e-Learning platform is "learnPro" and a guide to setting up an account can be found below.  Information on changing your learnPro password can also be found in this guide. Alternatively instructions can be found within our FAQs below.

    As an NHS Scotland employee you also have access to TURAS Learn.  To find out more and to register with TURAS Learn visit: https://learn.nes.nhs.scot/.

    e-Learning Module Development

    We develop our own in-house e-Learning modules. If you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a topic and have a requirement to develop an e-Learning module please contact the L&OD team at L&ODinfo@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk or 0141 951 5123


      Career Development

    Educational Pathways

     If you are considering opportunities to develop your career within the NHS, you may be interested to know that there are a number of Career/Educational Pathways designed to help you make educational choices.

    The pathways have been designed to support staff working within particularly Job ‘families’ to understand the expectations of each of the roles and the relevant development opportunities/qualifications.

    There are currently three pathways available:

    Estates and Facilities Education Pathway
    Visit: https://learn.nes.nhs.scot/1030/estates-and-facilities-hub/estates-and-facilities-education-pathways

    Business Administration
    Visit: https://learn.nes.nhs.scot/2041/business-and-administration-hub/business-and-administration-education-pathway

    Post Registration Career Development Framework for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHP)

    Visit:  http://www.careerframework.nes.scot.nhs.uk/

    It is helpful to discuss your career aspirations with your line manager during your personal development review meetings to ensure your personal development plan supports you with this.   

    Interview Coaching

    If you are preparing for interview within NHS Golden Jubilee and would value support to help you prepare for this, we can offer you Interview Coaching. Our interview coaching sessions last up to 1 hour and are designed to help you consider good practice approaches to preparing for interview. 

    We have also developed a guide that describes what you can expect from our competency and values based interview process along with information to support your readiness for interview. A copy of this guide can be found below.

    For further information contact the L&OD team at L&ODinfo@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk or 0141 951 5123.


     Team Development

    To work effectively as a team, you need to have agreed goals/objectives, understand what everyone in the team’s role is and regularly meet to discuss performance.

    Team development can simply be about wanting to learn more about the people you work with. At other times it can be a little more challenging, for example, working through difficulties within the team, agreeing team behaviours that align with our organisational values or generally approaches to improving team performance.

    We can work with you to design bespoke team-building initiatives to support you and your team to address identified areas for development.  These activities can support Teams to gain a fresh perspective and lead to actions that improve individual and team effectiveness.

    This can include:

    • Planning for the future and/or preparing for change
    • Reviewing and developing the team’s 'purpose’ and key objectives
    • Seeking role clarity amongst team members
    • Supporting the team to generate new ideas, and
    • Generally, learn more about each other as people to help build working relationships. -  We often use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or DiSC profiling to explore team member’s preferences, and the impact this can have on their colleagues.

    Self-Facilitation Toolkits

    Our Toolkits are designed to support Managers and Team Leaders to self-facilitate conversations with their team. We can if required provide coaching support as you use these toolkits / guides. The toolkits / guides currently available include:

    • The Affina Team Journey - an online resource, and
    • Living our Values Toolkit.  

    Coming soon: Let’s Talk About Change toolkit – a guide for supporting people through change.

    For further information contact the L&OD team at L&ODinfo@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk or 0141 951 5123.



    Public Health Scotland

    Public Health Scotland content is being designed for this page, in the interim please refer to the National Service Scotland tab for support.  Alternatively, you can contact the L&D team by completing the Contact Us form.

    Scottish Ambulance Service


    Learning at the Scottish Ambulance Service

    The Scottish Ambulance Service's commitment to Learning is described in the Scottish Ambulance Service Learning Development Policy this includes:

    • Ensuring that learning and development opportunities are provided for ALL staff, as published on the Service's intranet site @SAS
    • Ensuring that resources for learning and development are distributed fairly, appropriately, timely and in a cost effective manner
    • Widening learning and development opportunities for staff requiring assistance with core skills, including literacy, numeracy and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills
    • Meeting differing learning styles and needs of staff.

    In this section you will find links to learning and development resources covering a wide range of topics and pathways essential for working in the Service and NHSScotland.

    There is also a decision tree to assist you with determining whether funding may be available towards the learning activity from sources other than your Directorate/Region/Department. 

    Oversight of the Learning and Development policy is provided by the Capable Workforce Group whose purpose is to provide the forum for scoping, planning and implementing the Service’s response to the requirement set out in the Everyone Matters plans.  The Group’s Terms of reference can be found here CWG TOR Version 2 November 2017.

    NHSScotland Education Pathways

    Learning and Development Funding Decision Tree

    Learning in Business and Administration

    NHS Qualifications

    Learning and Development funding request form