Personal Development Planning & Review

    Personal Development Planning and Review (PDPR) is linked to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) and helps you know what is expected of you and understand your role.  

    It can help identify what you need to learn for personal development in your current role, career development and to meet the needs of the department or organisation. 

    Detailed in the tabs below you will find PDPR information in place within your Board. 

    National Services Scotland

    A personal development review is the process through which employees skills and knowledge are appraised against competencies and learning needs are identified.

    All staff should meet with their manager at least twice every year to review performance, set/review objectives and agree learning needs and development for the year ahead. It's a chance for you to have a meaningful conversation with your line manager to:

     - Talk about what matters to you in your job

     - To be clear about what is expected of you

     - To have feedback on what has gone well and what might have been better

    To support you in this process we have created a Personal Development Planning & Review Good practice guide.

    The Performance Review Cycle shows when and what is involved in the process.  

    The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) is a broad framework that supports a fair and consistent approach to personal development, planning and review. KSF is a useful tool that identifies the knowledge, skills, learning and development that staff need to do their job well and applies to all staff/managers who are employed under Agenda for Change (AFC) terms and conditions.

    All AFC level staff have a KSF post outline and job description. Your job description describes your work activities and responsibilities while your KSF post outline describes the knowledge and skills you need to carry out those activities safely and effectively. Post outline's can be viewed in Turas Appraisal. Please visit the Turas Appraisal page for further guidance on the system.

    As some leaders and senior managers are required to use the Turas executive level appraisal system we have included guidance for executive level staff to support planning, setting, tracking and reviewing against performance.

    It's good practice for line managers/reviewers to support individuals in understanding how their personal objectives fit into the wider objectives of their line manager, SBU and NSS in Supporting Scotland and Scotland's Health therefore helpful to share yours and/or line manager’s objectives. 

    The Learning and Organisational Development team offer a variety of different workshops to help develop your skills. All available workshops can be viewed on My Board Events and this is a helpful tool to look at during the review process in order to identify learning needs.

    The Learning and Organisational Development team can be contacted at any time of the review cycle to offer guidance and support. Please get in touch using our Contact Us Form.

    NHS 24


    The Personal Development Planning and Review Process (PDPR) involves regular conversations between managers and their staff members, which helps staff to reflect on the previous period, plan for the next period, and think about what could be improved.  It helps staff to:

    • Be clear about what is expected of them in their job
    • Have regular feedback on how they are performing at work
    • Show how they contribute to the team objectives and purpose
    • Show how their job supports safe and effective services for patients and their families
    • Plan for any new learning that they need to gain new skills or improve their existing skills and agree their own personal development plan
    • Discuss any ideas they have for improving the services that they help to provide

    Every staff member should have a KSF Post Outline, with associated KSF Dimensions, assigned to them which is specific to their job role.  These are based on NHS Knowledge & Skills Framework (KSF), which is the national NHS framework for determining the key knowledge and skills required to undertake a role, supporting a fair and consistent approach to Personal Development Planning and Review.  In turn members of staff are expected to develop and apply their knowledge and skills to meet the demands of their post and to work safely and effectively.

    Further information on the Knowledge and Skills Framework can be found via the following link:

    If you are unable to find the help or guidance you need on these pages, please contact the L&PE Team via the contact us form.

    NHS 24 has now adopted a standard planning cycle for the setting of Objectives, discussion of PDP activity and completion of Performance Review meetings which will apply for all staff and replace the individual planning dates for staff members.

    The calendar is as follows:

    July to September: Objective setting with objectives agreed with staff by the end of September and captured in Turas Appraisal.

    April to June: Performance Reviews conducted and captured under Discussion Summary section in Turas Appraisal, and appraisal signed off.

    TURAS Appraisal is the national system used to capture the outputs of these conversations, and you can log onto the system here.



    NHS Education for Scotland

    This page is currently under construction.  Information will be added as soon as possible.

    NHS Golden Jubilee

    Everybody should take an interest in their own development.  No matter what your role is, you will have access to training and be given every opportunity to progress within the organisation.

    Your manager should encourage and support you to develop a personal development plan that supports you in both your current role and future career aspirations.

    Personal Development Review Process

    The Personal Development Review (PDR) Process is designed to help you to discuss your development needs with your manager and to identify opportunities for development.

    This approach will support you to:

    • discuss your strengths;
    • discuss areas for development;
    • receive feedback on your performance;
    • set work objectives for the coming year;
    • focus on your personal and professional development goals;
    • identify opportunities to support future career aspirations; and
    • develop a personal development plan.

    However, you do not have to wait until your PDR meeting to start thinking about your development.  Consider your development needs, take the opportunity to review learning opportunities that would support these and discuss with your line manager.


    Public Health Scotland


    A personal development review is the process through which employees’ skills and knowledge are appraised against competencies, and learning needs are identified. Please visit the Turas Appraisal page for further guidance on the appraisal system used to record reviews.

    Your annual performance and development review process involves:

    1. holding your end of year review and recording comments
    2. updating progress against objectives and your Personal Development Plan (PDP)
    3. recording comments on Turas Appraisal and jointly confirm and agree
    4. creating and record objectives and PDP for the coming year
    5. your line manager accepting new objectives and PDP on Turas Appraisals

    What is best practice for the KSF process?

    Staff are expected to hold at least 2 appraisal meetings per year: a mid-year and end of year review which should drive the development and creation of a set of objectives and a PDP. This is a requirement under the Staff Governance Standard: Appropriately Trained and Developed.

    Best practice is to hold regular 1:1s with your manager or staff. Communication is key. There is no right or wrong, it’s whatever works for both of you. We would suggest a minimum of holding a 1:1 every 4-6 weeks.

    Key things to bear in mind during these meetings:

    1. take part in an open and honest two-way conversation
    2. take ownership of the conversation and be proactive about your performance and development, raising issues or suggestions as you go
    3. talk through your progress and successes regarding your objectives and PDP, using examples
    4. take notes and agree, documenting actions and responsibilities
    5. set goals if necessary and agree on timeframes for the actions
    6. for managers, ask for specific examples when discussing any issues – 'What does that look like?', 'What could you have done differently?'

    Above all, give these sessions your full attention. Prepare for them beforehand, these are the building blocks of your relationship as well as your development.

    You can view a short 3-minute film on review conversations by clicking here and scrolling to the video. If you cannot access videos, please copy and paste the link into Chrome.

    The Staff Development team offer a variety of different workshops to help develop your skills, which can be viewed on My Board Events.

    The Staff Development team can be contacted at any time of the review cycle to offer guidance and support. Please get in touch at For technical queries regarding the Turas system, please contact NSS using the Contact Us Form.