Wellbeing is just as important as physical health and many factors in life can have an impact on how you feel. 

    NHS National Initiatives

    National Wellbeing Hub


    If you work in health or social services in Scotland then this site is for you, The Scottish Government has created this website to provide advice and information to support your emotional and psychological wellbeing. There is information for both Individuals and Managers to support you in keeping safe and well. Click here to assess the website or call the National Wellbeing Helpline on: 0800 111 4191

    Available wellbeing podcasts and key events planned - click here

    Coaching for Wellbeing

    This initiative is tailored to focus on personal and leadership wellbeing at this time and can be accessed directly by anyone within Health and Social Care. Coaching for Wellbeing is a digital coaching service for all health and social care staff, and offers two options for online coaching, both designed to support you with issues you may be facing during these challenging times. Coaching will bring new ways of understanding yourself and your situation, clarity as to how you can play to your strengths and signposts to further strategies and resources for staying on track.

    To find out more, access the following link through Google Chrome, Firefox or  Microsoft Edge: https://www.knowyoumore.com/wellbeingcoaching

    In the tabs below you will find supportive wellbeing information in place within your Board including tips on dealing with stress and healthy eating advice.

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