Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

This section contains key information, advice and support for managers and staff to assist them in undertaking their roles and responsibilities under the Display Screen Equipment Process and to ensure employees have a properly assessed and supportive work station, whether in the work or a home environment.

National Services Scotland

This section contains key information, advice and support for managers and staff to assist them in undertaking their roles and responsibilities under the NSS Display Screen Equipment Procedure.

Please remember that no matter where you are working you need to look after yourself. The Healthy Working Lives Team has created NSS Employee Guidance - Looking after your Wellbeing within this guidance document you will find guidance and support to help support you in regard to everyday working.

 DSE - Working At Home

Due to most of us all requiring to working at home during this time, we have developed guidance specifically looking at how you can set up your workstation within your home environment, using everyday items. Please use this guide to ensure that you are staying safe and if you feel that there is additional equipment or support that you need please chat to your Line Manager or one of your Local Business Unit DSE Assessors.

Whilst it may seem easier to simply open the laptop and start working without making any adjustments, this can lead to poor posture, which can cause pain and discomfort over time. It is well worth taking a couple of minutes to set up your work area / workstation correctly each time you sit down to work.

   DSE - Working in a NSS Building

 More information on how to set your desk up please review the following guide:

  Learning and Development

You will be able to find details on learning and development opportunities across NSS within the HR Connect Page - Learning and Development and Organisational Development

For specific DSE learning log onto Learnpro

  • Mandatory for All - NSS Health and Safety Induction 
  • Mandatory for Role - NSS: Display Screen Equipment
  • Mandatory for Role - NSS Workplace Safety

   VDU Glasses Reimbursement

NSS will reimburse the cost up to the value of £65.00 for spectacles for VDU use, bifocal or varifocal, incorporating a special prescription for VDU use.
To process a VDU Perscription submission through ServiceNow click this link to the Finance and Procurement portal. 

  Websites and Videos 


Health and Safety Executive:

Publication: Health & Safety (DSE) Regulations 1992 as amended 2002

Publication: Working with display screen equipment (DSE)

Publication: Working safely with display screen equipment - Pregnancy or Epilepsy

Publication: Working with display screen equipment - Home working




If you require additional information you can contact the NSS Health & Safety Advisors through HR Connect Contact Us / Health and Safety 

NHS 24

This section contains risk assessments for use by NHS 24 employees for Display Screen Equipment as well as guidance for managers.

For further information on Display Screen Equipment within NHS 24, please access the DSE policy.

NHS Golden Jubilee

Guidance on Display Screen Equipment

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 are designed to minimise the 'real' risks associated with display screen equipment.

It is the employer's responsibility to:

  • assess the risks to health arising from working with display screen equipment and the associated workstations;
  • introduce appropriate measures to prevent or control the risks;
  • plan the activities of users at work so that their daily work on display screen equipment is periodically interrupted by such breaks or changes in activity as reduce their workload at that equipment;
  • ensure that eye and eyesight tests are available to users and employees about to become users at their request.  The provision of basic corrective appliances must also be available if deemed necessary by an ophthalmic optician or optometrist; and
  • provide adequate information and health and safety training in the use of any workstation upon which an employee may be required to work.

Public Health Scotland

 On this front page you will find initial information you need to know when using display screen equipment.
Update - March 2020
Due to the COVID-19 virus there may be a requirement for us to be working at home for a period of time. Below you will find some top tips when working on a PC or laptop remotely (at home, from home, another office, hotel room etc) please review the information below to support you to ensure that you are able to as far as possible:
  • Raise your screen
  • Make sure your screen is raised so that the top of the screen is at eye level. This can be done using an adjustable laptop stand, a box or some books if necessary.
  • Use a separate keyboard and mouse
  • This enables the laptop screen to be positioned correctly
  • Report pain or discomfort If you feel discomfort 
  • Report it to your line manager as soon as you notice it. In some circumstances, a referral to the Occupational Health Service may be appropriate.
  • Adjust your chair height
  • Your arms should be at right angles, with forearms lightly supported by the work surface. You may need a footrest if your feet are not firmly on the floor
  • Make sure the lower back is well supported
  • Support for your lower back will help encourage good posture. You can use a folded towel to give you more support or consider a back-support cushion if needed.
  • Take regular, short breaks
  • Move around for five or ten minutes every hour, aiming for frequent, short breaks.
  • Consider taking micro breaks to stretch, move around, change activity by taking a phone call, do some reading or get a drink to avoid prolonged static postures.
  • Take more frequent breaks if your DSE setup is not optimal or if you are experiencing discomfort. 
 Try to avoid:
  • using phones or tablets for a long time,
  • sitting on unsupportive seating such as a sofa,
  • static postures.
 Please check out the NSS HR Connect Portal Tab – For Employee Tab for more information contained within NSS DSE Safety and Comfort and NSS Laptop Guides.If you are working in the office and are feeling discomfort you can access the DSE Self-Assessment form and guidance.Further information will be populated on this page once your Board Health and Safety arrangements are developed.If you require additional information and help in the first instance please email phs.health-and-safety@phs.scot

Scottish Ambulance Service

Scottish Ambulance Service recognises its legal and moral duty to comply with health and safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, and its responsibilities to minimise risks involved with the continued use of DSE, so far as is reasonably practicable, i.e. musculoskeletal injuries, eyestrain, fatigue and stress. To assist with this the following criteria should be observed at all times:

  • DSE workstations should meet minimum safety requirements
  • The needs of DSE users should be regularly assessed
  • DSE users should be provided with appropriate information, instruction and training
    • DSE - What if I have already taken DSE equipment home?National Services Scotland

      If you have already borrowed equipment from the workplace, please let DaS know by submitting a request through

      ServiceNow following the instructions above. In the ‘reason for your request’ section please state ‘already taken’.


      Remember, if you are working from home, please review the guidance and resources on HR Connect regarding

      safe set up of display screen equipment.


    • DSE - What do I need to do to collect any DSE equipment from a NSS building?National Services Scotland

      Once your line manager acknowledges your request, you can visit the appropriate NSS site to collect the item(s)

      you need – you should report to reception to advise that you are in the building to collect agreed items, and inform

      reception when you leave. We also ask that you are mindful of your own health and safety responsibilities and the

      requirements you need to follow when removing items, in particular the removal of heavy or bulky items. When

      travelling to and from work, please ensure you have your work pass with you at all times. 


      You should only retrieve items from workstations that are part of designated areas for you and your Strategic

      Business Unit. Items should be returned when you resume working from your usual base.


      Guidance for when you are onsite

      When onsite, please remember to follow social distancing measures staying at least two metres (approx.6 feet)

      away from other people at all times. Ensure you follow hand hygiene procedures in our buildings and when you get

      home – additional ‘arriving home safely’ information is available on HR Connect.


      As fewer staff are now working in Gyle Square, Meridian Court and the National Distribution Centre (NDC) we have

      closed some areas in the buildings to allow Facilities Management to consolidate and direct their services to help us

      all. Colleagues should not use these areas (including toilets, meeting rooms and teapoints) other than to retrieve



      Please refer to the Gyle Square floor plans on HR Connect for details of the areas that are now closed to staff

      (areas highlighted in black are closed). In Meridian Court the third, fifth and sixth floors, are closed to staff. The

      ground, first, second and fourth floors remain open.

    • DSE How to request equipment to support me at home?National Services Scotland

      If you are currently working from home and require office equipment to support your working arrangements,

      you can raise a ServiceNow request to temporarily borrow equipment you used in the office for home

      use during the coronavirus outbreak.


      To submit a request, visit ServiceNow ‘Request to take assets home’ complete the form, stating the

      reason for your request, selecting the item(s) you require (for example monitor, keyboard, chair, mouse

      and desktop riser) and the NSS location. Once submitted, an email notification will be sent to your line

      manager with a link for them to click on and confirm acknowledgement of the assets being taken home.

      If for any reason a replacement asset is required at some point, this would need to be ordered and purchased

      following the business as usual process.


      If you need a piece of equipment that you don’t currently use when working on site, please speak with your

      line manager in the first instance.

    • DSE - Can I claim money back for my VDU glassess?National Services Scotland

      VDU Glasses Reimbursement


      NSS will reimburse the cost up to the value of £65.00 for spectacles for VDU use, bifocal or varifocal, incorporating a special prescription for VDU use.

      To access the VDU Perscription request from in ServiceNow please click on this link - Finance and Procurement portal