Occupational Health & Safety Performance Management (Audit & Risk)

Under the NHS Staff Governance Standard, NHS are required to provide an improved, safe working environment. 

National Services Scotland

  Occupational Health and Safety Performance Management 

Health and Safety Performance Management is fundamental to the overall National Services Scotland (NSS) occupational health and safety management system and should be implemented by all SBUs as an integral part of the operational requirements of the business for which they are responsible.

The NSS performance management structure is based on the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) model, HSG65, this is not a legal requirement, but is recognised across industry and by the HSE as a best practice model. This structure allows NSS to identify and describe the proactive and reactive measures taken to manage the health, safety & wellbeing of employees, visitors or contractors who visit NSS premises.

Performance Management is key to the delivery of the NSS Occupational Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Fire Strategy and assisting the Organisation in meeting its legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work (etc) Act 1974.

NHS 24

NHS 24 currently out sources its Occupational Health function to NHS GG&C ,any Performance Management (Audit & Risk) function would be undertaken by them.

NHS Golden Jubilee

Health and Safety Annual Review Tool

This tool is used to review health and safety in the workplace.

Health and Safety Quarterly Audit Tool

This tool is used to carry out a detailed health and safety audit of the workplace on a quarterly basis.

Public Health Scotland

Public Health Scotland content is being designed for this page, in the interim please refer to the National Services Scotland Tab for support. 
If you require additional information you can contact the NSS Health Promotion Advisor through HR Connect Contact Us / Health & Safety

Scottish Ambulance Service

To purpose of this policy is to define responsibility for the completion and reviewing of Risk Assessments and periodic audits within the Scottish Ambulance Service.