Wellbeing - Policy, Process & Guidance

It is recognised that a successful safe, healthy and well culture will only be achieved through effective communication, consultation, education and training and by actively encouraging the co-operation and participation of all employees and Trade Union Representatives.

National Services Scotland

The Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy sets out the framework and roles and responsibilities in place across NSS.

Wellbeing Hub on Teams

HWL have developed a wellbeing hub on teams where you can find information and resources with a focus on supporting your mental health and wellbeing. 

Within the hub will be a Safe Space channel where NSS Trained Mental Health First Aiders will be available to speak to staff in confidence. Please note that this is not a counselling service but will give staff the opportunity to have a safe chat. NSS Mental Health First Aiders have received refresher training.

How do I access the Wellbeing Hub in Teams Channel?

To access the Wellbeing Hub you need to have access to the TEAMs channel, this can be done through your work laptop or via a mobile app. You can acces through the web at NSS Wellbeing Hub - Safe Space for Staff or by using a TEAMs mobile app.

In order to download the app you should go to the Google Play store App (for android) or the App Store (for Apple) which you will find on your phone.  

  • Enter TEAMs into the app store search engine and choose the Microsoft TEAMs app .
  • Once you have clicked on the TEAMs app you should choose the option to INSTALL and once installed choose OPEN.  
  • You should then follow instructions by signing in with your work my.name@nhs.scot email address.  
  • You will then be prompted by Microsoft to enter your network password.  
  • Microsoft will send you a verification code either by SMS / Messenger or another means of your choosing which you should enter to complete sign in.
  • Once signed in press NEXT to take you through a short intro to TEAMs and press GOT IT to close for access to the application.
  • Now you should be able to access NSS TEAMS
  • At the bottom of your screen press the icon to take you into the TEAMS channels and look for the NSS Wellbeing Hub and access to the “Safe Space for Staff”
  • Please note that if you are accessing the mobile app it will show on NSS Microsoft TEAMs that you are online. 


NHS Golden Jubilee

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

At NHS Golden Jubilee we recognise that our staff and volunteers are the most valuable asset we have, and that they are key to delivering high quality care and services.  Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out our ambition to be a leader in promoting and maintaining a healthy workplace and provide support for our people, which maximises their health and wellbeing.

Public Health Scotland

Here you will be able to obtain the interim Health and Safety Policy for Public Health Scotland.

Within the policy document it identifies the Health & Safety arrangements required within the interim period of 6 months. During this 6-month period work will be completed to identify key health and safety individuals, committee members and working assessors as well as developing ne procedures and processes specific to our new organisation.

Further information will be populated on this page once your Board Health and Safety arrangements are developed.


The State Hospital

The State Hospital has a number of policies and procedures in place which underpin Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing within the Organisation. All policies can be found below.