Cars and Drivers

You may be required to travel long distances as part of your business duties.

Detailed in the tabs below you will find information in relation to lease car drivers and authorised car users in place within your Board. 

National Services Scotland

Authorised Car Users

Any member of staff who drives for business must initially complete a CMV Form then, on an annual basis or if they have a change in circumstances, submit an updated CMV Form. Full details are included in the guides and forms.

Lease Car Drivers

Lease Cars are available for employees who are required to routinely cover high business mileages in the performance of their duties.  For further information, please read information tabs.

Please contact Payroll Car Leasing for any queries - NSS Service Now

All drivers should read The Highway Code, road safety and vehicle rules

NHS 24

Please visit the Finance section of the intranet for more information.

NHS Education for Scotland

Please visit the section Travel on our intranet for further information.

NHS Golden Jubilee

Car Lease Policy

This policy is sets out the terms and conditions, including eligibility criteria, for lease cars provided to employees to support travel aspects of their role.

Travel Policy

This policy identifies the framework for arranging travel and for claiming for travel and associated expenses.

Public Health Scotland

The purpose of this policy is to set out the circumstances in which employees can claim reimbursement of expenses incurred during the course of their work.

The State Hospital

In the NHS the default position is that employees use their own vehicles for travel in the performance of their duties, except where the employer has made specific alternative provision.  This policy refers to vehicles provided to employees under a lease agreement, allowing them to use the vehicle for both NHS business and private purposes.  All car users whose business mileage will exceed 3,500 miles per annum shall be entitled to apply for a Leased Car in accordance with this scheme.