The purpose of induction is to ensure the effective introduction and integration of an employee into the role and the organisation. Research has show that effective inductions can increase staff retention.

Detailed in the tabs below you will find induction policy and process information relating to your Board.

National Services Scotland

"Welcome to NHS National Services Scotland. As a vital part of the NHS in Scotland, we provide a range of specialist support services that enable NHS Boards to focus their efforts in delivering health improvement and care. Our mission is to enable and support the delivery of better health and better care, working in partnership and each and every one of us has a key role to play in NSS achieving this. We very much hope that your time here will be happy."

Colin Sinclair, Chief Executive

Following an NSS Executive Management Team meeting, a decision has been taken to postpone the NSS Corporate Induction scheduled to take place 11th May. This is in response to the on-going and fluid Coronavirus pandemic, and considerations of staff availability, concerns on limiting travel and social interaction. We are monitoring this situation and  anew date will be confirmed once we are confident there Is no longer a risk to people’s wellbeing.

NSS Induction process is mandatory for all staff within NSS and must be completed within the first three months of employment. This process is mandatory for all and should be followed by all staff within every Strategic and Support Business Unit, with local induction processes used to complement this corporate approach.

To complete the induction process please ensure that, as a manager, you complete the Corporate Induction Checklist (found under Tools and Templates), familiarise yourself with our Induction Policy, as well as reading the role of the line manager for induction. Line managers should check and make sure that new starts have been enrolled by HR on the next Corporate Induction Event as both elements are vital and must be completed.

Corporate Induction is mandatory for all new starts and this checklist should be available and used on the first day at work in support of achieving statutory and mandatory training requirements.

The Corporate Induction Presentation from the last event held on the 6th February 2020 can be viewed here.  

NHS 24

Working with NHS 24 should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. All new staff members should know they are valued and understand how their role contributes to the growing success of an organisation that has an important role to play in the future of the NHS in Scotland.

There are a number of resources available for use, to ensure the experience of our staff members is positive.

Induction Guides and Checklists

Before a new staff member joins, their line manager should create an Induction Checklist for them, and identify a buddy/mentor who will support them as they settle into their new role.  This should then be shared with the new staff member to provide them with some structure to their first weeks and months with NHS 24.  Please contact for a copy of the most recent induction checklist and for furtehr induction guidance.

Online 'Welcome to NHS 24' resource

This is a comprehensive source of valuable information for all new staff members and we encourage you to take the time to look through this.  There are lots of useful references and websites signposted to help you in settling into NHS 24.  This resource is available on TURAS Learn.

eLearning modules

There are a number of essential eLearning modules on our TURAS Learn NHS 24 site which new staff members are required to complete, designed to update your existing knowledge on Health and Safety awareness and introduce you to organisational procedures. As part of the curriculum there are also a range of modules designed to introduce you to other subjects relevant to working with NHS 24.

New staff can register for eLearning on their first day with NHS 24, of if they have an existing TURAS account they can update this to enable them to access NHS 24 content. You will find guidance on this under the Tools and Templates section.

To log onto eLearning and access the Mandatory/ Essential page, click here:

Healthcare Support Workers

Further information is available for all staff who are considered to be Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW). 

NHS Education for Scotland

The NES induction policy recognizes both the importance of orientation and socilisation within the NES Induction process. A good Induction is one of the high impact ways of engaging a new staff member from the onset. Research has proven that if delivered within the appropriate window of time Induction can have measurable benefits for both the individual and the organisation.


Starting a new role creates opportunities and challenges for all new staff.  NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is a supportive environment where you will find all the help and encouragement you need to settle into your new role.

I am a new start, where do I find information on induction?

To help you navigate your way through key information we have created a document with concise information and links to crucial resources. This guide is all you need to start your journey.

I have a new member of staff starting, where do I find a guide to inducting?

If you have a new member of staff and are looking for some guidance, we have created a document with all of the information that you need to introduce them to NES and their new role.

NHS Golden Jubilee

This short guide provides new employees of NHS Golden Jubilee with an overview of NHS Golden Jubilee's induction process, which has been designed to support them to settle into their new roles and the organisation in a safe and effective manner.  There are three stages to the induction process.  These are:

  • corporate induction;
  • departmental induction; and
  • role specific induction.

Public Health Scotland

From 1st April 2020 Public Health Scotland will bring together staff previously employed by NSS and NHS Health Scotland alongside new PHS employees, meaning different routes for staff to access HR information.  Please refer to the option below that best describes your circumstances to ensure you refer to the correct information.  

• I have TUPE transferred from NHS Health Scotland into Public Health Scotland – Please raise your query with HR via Contact Us
• I have TUPE transferred from NSS to Public Health Scotland – please select the National Services Scotland tab above to access all information.
• I am an employee in Public Health – please select the National Service Scotland tab to access all information.

The State Hospital

The State Hospitals Board for Scotland recognises the importance of providing a comprehensive and consistent induction for all new staff.

Starting a new job is a demanding and often stressful experience. Effective induction is vital for the integration of new employees and investment in a robust period of induction is crucial to achieving a motivated, competent and engaged workforce.

The induction process ensures that new staff understand their role within the organisation and are provided with the core information, training and support they require to perform the role in a safe and effective manner. It is also designed to ensure that standards are maintained in accordance with legislative requirements, internal policies and procedures, national guidelines and best practice standards.

When carried out effectively, the induction process can help to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace.  It assists new employees to settle into their new role and become productive and efficient members of staff within a shorter period of time, creates a positive impression of the organisation, supports staff retention by reducing staff turnover within the first year of employment, and facilitates delivery of high quality services and patient care.