Stress and Mental Health

The purpose of this policy is to provide direction and guidance for NHSScotland staff and managers on the management of work related stress, promotion of mental wellbeing and resilience and the processes for risk assessment based on the Health and Safety Executive's Stress Management Standards.

In the tabs below you will find Stress and Mental Health policy and process information in place within your Board.

National Services Scotland

The NSS Stress and Mental Health Policy set out the organisations intention for the management of mental wellbeing and resilience at work to ensure a healthy, motivated and committed workforce.

In addition to the policy contained in this section, further information can be found under the Wellbeing Page

NHS 24

Please find NHS 24's Stress Management and Wellbeing Procedure below.

Further information on wellbeing within NHS 24 can be found here.

NHS Golden Jubilee

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy Golden Jubilee

This policy aims to promote positive mental health and well-being for all staff in the workplace.

Policy on Stress Within the Workplace

This document sets out NHS Golden Jubilee’s commitment to a healthy workforce, by placing value on both physical and mental health. The policy aims to encourage staff wellbeing, raise awareness of ill health associated with stress, educate staff in techniques for coping with pressure and stress, as well as raising awareness of the support mechanisms for staff and managers.


Public Health Scotland

From 1st April 2020 Public Health Scotland will bring together staff previously employed by NSS and NHS Health Scotland alongside new PHS employees, meaning different routes for staff to access HR information.  Please refer to the option below that best describes your circumstances to ensure you refer to the correct information.  

• I have TUPE transferred from NHS Health Scotland into Public Health Scotland – Please raise your query with HR via Contact Us
• I have TUPE transferred from NSS to Public Health Scotland – please select the National Services Scotland tab above to access all information.
• I am an employee in Public Health – please select the National Service Scotland tab to access all information.