Temporary Work Assignments

Temporary work assignments are used to utilise the skills and experience of employees whilst they are seeking permanent alternative employment through the redeployment process.

National Services Scotland

NSS is responsible for the management of staff from the time that their substantive post ends to them being successfully redeployed into an alternative suitable post. 

NSS is responsible for placing staff into Temporary Work Assignments where the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience of the individual will contribute to the successful achievement of NSS strategic outcomes.

From a business perspective, Temporary Work Assignments provide a valuable service within NSS - offering access to a workforce that has experience and existing knowledge about NSS, our services, culture and vision.  It is a flexible way to provide support to NSS on a temporary basis, delivering work that is important to the organisation but does not constitute a full post. 

From a Redeployee perspective, Temporary Work Assignments will provide opportunities for development - experiencing new types of work, working across NSS, building networks and access to other learning and development opportunities.

Public Health Scotland

From 1st April 2020 Public Health Scotland will bring together staff previously employed by NSS and NHS Health Scotland alongside new PHS employees, meaning different routes for staff to access HR information.  Please refer to the option below that best describes your circumstances to ensure you refer to the correct information.  

• I have TUPE transferred from NHS Health Scotland into Public Health Scotland – Please raise your query with HR via Contact Us
• I have TUPE transferred from NSS to Public Health Scotland – please select the National Services Scotland tab above to access all information.
• I am an employee in Public Health – please select the National Service Scotland tab to access all information.

Scottish Ambulance Service

Coming soon.